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The Guest (2014, Adam Wingard)

Cinematography by Robby Baumgartner

Night Tide (1961, Curtis Harrington)

Cinematography by Vilis Lapenieks

Kokuhaku [Confessions] (2010, Tetsuya Nakashima)

Cinematography by Masakazu Ato and Atsushi Ozawa

Our Beloved Month of August (2008, Miguel Gomes)

Cinematography by Rui Poças

Bad Fever (2012, Dustin Guy Defa)

Cinematography by Mike Gioulakis

Escape From Tomorrow (2013, Randy Moore)

Cinematography by Lucas Lee Graham

1941 (1979, Steven Speilberg)

Cinematography by William A. Fraker

Few quick screen caps from grading from the short film I shot for uni. 

Skies in Con Air (1997, dir. Simon West)

Cinematography by David Tattersall

Kitchen Sink (1989, Alison Maclean)