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Apr 21

leoxti asked: pro boll? I mean, he's made terrible films, but he's also made good ones, and decent ones, like any filmmaker that makes more than 5 films in their career.

Pro - Postal takes the bad taste comedy to its logical extreme, it’s like a political satire by someone who has only a cursory understanding of American politics. I think Attack on Wall Street is good. I haven’t seen Tunnel Rats, which is apparently also good, or the bulk of his video game adaptations. 

Apr 14

The Baby (1973, Ted Post)

Sometimes a wind blows
and you and I
in love
and kiss
in a darkness
and the mysteries
of love
come clear
and dance
in light
in you
in me
and show
that we
are Love

Sometimes a wind blows
and the mysteries of Love
come clear.

Lyrics by David Lynch
Music by Angelo Badalamenti 
Sung by Julee Cruise

Apr 12

Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010, Panos Cosmatos)

Cinematography by Norm Li

Lost Book Found (1996, Jem Cohen) 

Apr 10

Magicians (2007, Andrew O’Connor)

Apr 8

The Passenger (1975, Michelangelo Antonioni) 

Apr 4

Welt am Draht [World on a Wire] (1973, Rainer Werner Fassbinder)

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